Consumption of energy is an unavoidable part of our daily life. Any activity we undertake, anything we use or consume has a substantial energy input when they were made available for our benefit. However, we fail to consider the financial and environmental impact of energy input into the materials and services we enjoy.

The easiest and most effective way of increasing the available energy globally is to eliminate waste, which means making sure that only the required amount of energy is used in our homes, offices, building, manufacturing and service-oriented activities. Failure to manage energy consumption results in waste that can reach up to forty-percent (40%) of your monthly electrical bill. Oftentimes, energy saving advocates recommend upgrading to new and more efficient equipment or gadgets to answer your need for reduction in power consumption. But then, this action can fall short of your expectation because it does not address the real cause of energy waste and losses.

You can not manage what you can not measure.

Management or facility owners have absolutely no idea how much energy a given device has saved or is likely to save until after historical data is collected and that can take time usually a month after the electric bill is received. There is normally no way of clients verifying the efficacy of the energy saving equipment being recommended. Even the right product on a wrong application can actually increase the energy consumption. Implementing a successful energy savings program, be that energy efficiency, cost reduction or renewable power generation, is not an immediate cause to celebrate and applaud since there is no way of visualizing the positive benefits until after a long period of time.


ESM MOTION CONTROL & AUTOMATION SYSTEM, in collaboration with our international business energy advocates, introduces a new comprehensive solution to optimize energy utilization - a technologically-advance approach that is already helping companies around the world to manage, control, reduce and eliminate unnecessary energy costs.


Our Energy-Saving Solutions features:

1.    Real time monitoring 24/7 enabling you to observe what is actually happening in your system. Corrective action can then be taken manually or pre-programmed to control operation of any equipment or facility, thus, avoiding wastage and losses.

2.    Up to two (2) years historical recording of system performance.

3.    Graphical or numerical analytics for ease of monitoring and evaluation.

4.    Data logging and analytics to produce on-demand comprehensive report output for real time performance evaluation. 


The use of the Energy Management Solution offers the following benefits:

  • Conveniently Identify Energy-Saving Opportunities

  • Expose Energy Abusing Equipment

  • Eliminate Out of Operating Hours Waste

  • Present proof on the efficacy and realizable ROI of Energy Saving Products and Solutions

  • Engage Users and Improve Efficiencies with Real-time Energy Displays

  • Assist in identifying Continuing Reductions with Historical Analysis Tools 


This is like having an Energy Manager that works 24-hour/365 days at a very economical cost – an investment that only costs a fraction of SCADA but packs enough features and capabilities to optimize asset utilization.

ESM Motion Control and Automation System

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