Our world-reknown brands of products assure reliable performance of your water distribution system, process control and automation system.

Pumps for Water Supply & Distribution, flood control and sewage disposal


We carry different types of pumps for every application; for booster service, deepwell water extraction, water transfer, dewatewring and flood control, and sewage disposal.


Whatever type you need:

  • Vertical turbine pumps for deepwell extraction, booster service, irrigation and water transfer.

  • Submersible turbine pumps for deepwell or booster service.

  • Centrifugal pumps for booster service in domestic and industrial application.

  • Submersible sewage and dewatering pumps.



Electric Motors


Electrically powered prime movers to drive your equipment efficiently:

  • Vertical holloshaft and solid shaft electric motors.

  • Submersible Electric Motors.

  • Horizontal or vertically mounted squirrel-cage induction motors.


Motor Starters and Controllers


We bring you technologically advanced motor starters and controllers to satisfy demanding application and meet the need for optimum energy consumption.


Our starters and controllers are designed and built to reduce energy consumption and insure compliance with automation system requirements.

ESM Motion Control and Automation System

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