ESM Motion Control & Automation System is a duly registered business enterprise organized as a system integrator of electro-mechanical equipment. It was founded in 2009 to satisfy the need for quality products, reliable service, competent technical support and advance technology demanded by discriminating pump users in the Philippines.


A reliable, competent, highly professional and sought-after business enterprise supplying the local industry with world-class products and services that meet customer requirement and demand.



1.   Provide the market with technologically advance products and services that will improve business operation of target clients.

2.   Meet the demand for professional competence in the field of automation needed by highly competitive clientele who continuously search for process improvement and efficiency enhancement.

3.   Be a potent force in the effort to protect the environment through the utilization of energy efficient equipment and processes.  


The business enterprise supplies the pump industry with completely assembled pump system such constant pressure system; standard pumps for water distribution system; electric motors; motor starters and controllers; valves and pipe fittings; instrumentation equipment and other appurtenances that complement these products in their operation. It provides services for installation, start-up, operation and maintenance of equipment for water distribution system.

ESM builds pump system installations that serve the industrial, commercial, high rise building, real estate properties such as residential homes and subdivisions, golf courses and the agricultural sectors of the pump market. Our pump system is designed for use in booster service, water transfer, irrigation, air-conditioning, deepwell water extraction, sewage disposal, water treatment and dewatering applications. Development in computer technology, data acquisition and management, instrumentation products, and automation enabled the company to build more efficient pumping system which help reduce energy consumption and require minimum human intervention during pump operation. 

ESM Motion Control & Automation System is a system integrator that can assume unit responsibility for building a fully automated system, providing technical support for its design, installation, start-up and operation. Our strength is the product of more than three (3) decades experience in the industry and our customers’ trust in our organization; users that depend on us for quality product, fast response and custom engineering capabilities.


ESM Motion Control and Automation System

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